Max Score for Tipping Point

Has anyone calculated the max score yet my VRC app is not working.

40 points per goal on platform ~ 40x7 = 280
20 points per goal on alliance side ~ 20x7=140 (or does that get included in the 40 platform points?)
30 points per robot on platform ~ 30x2 = 60
10 points per rings on top branch ~ 10x10 = 100
The rest could probably fit on lower branch and alliance poles ~3x62 = 186

∴ 280+140+60+100+186=766 points maximum? (or 626 if you exclude 20 points for goals on alliance half)

Am I missing anything?

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If you are looking at an interactive game instead of a skills run, the red alliance cannot get any points from the blue mobile goals and vice-versa.

Also, I think a team can get 20 points for goal on the alliance side OR 40 points for goal on platform.

So an updated count:

  • 20 point autonomous bonus: 20
  • 40 points per goal on platform: 40x5 = 200
  • 30 points per robot on platform: 30x2 = 60
  • 10 points per ring on top branch: 10x10 = 100
  • 3 points per ring on lower branches and alliance goals: 3x62 = 186

Total: 566 point max possible score for a single alliance in a match.


I know you can fit 10 rings on the top of the tall goal if you really cram the last ones on, but can you really fit 62 rings on the alliance goals and the lower branches? I think you can fit 11 in each alliance goal at the very most, so that’s still 40 rings. you can fit 5 on each branch, and there are 6 remaining branches so that’s only 30 rings. you got 10 left over.

so the real max score I believe would be

20 point auton
200 points from elevated goals
60 points from parked robots
100 points for high rings
156 points for medium rings
10 points from low rings
= 546 points. I think.


What I got.
Screenshot_20210602-201308_VRC Hub


does the app only allow you 8 rings on the high branches and 24 rings on the medium branches? The app appears broken on ios so I can’t test it.

because in real life you can fit 5 rings on the high branches and I’m pretty sure you can fit 5 rings on the medium branches of the neutral goals and 11 rings on the alliance goals (I’m basing these numbers off of images I’ve seen, not myself testing it)

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Screenshot_20210602-201742_VRC Hub

Nope. I was just going off of what I had seen on a different thread.


Does that mean that the app can only score 2 goals on the platform?

No, it’s because I can’t have them in the alliance zone and the platforms at the same time.
Screenshot_20210602-204944_VRC Hub
This is max theoretical.
Screenshot_20210602-205450_VRC Hub
This is max practical. I think.


I used the measurements from the field specs and did some basic trigo…

Most likely you can only fit in 4 rings per branch.

And also couple with the fact that when the goal is being carried around, the shaking might cause the last ring to fall off too.

We will need those that have already received the game elements to test it out.


I’ve heard from people that have the elements a 5th will technically fit, although like you said

so it’s theoretically possible, but not practically so.

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You can’t use to opposing alliances goals and get point from them so remove 40 points.


So basically we’ve proven this year’s game is hard to score by hand.

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