MAX Score

I Have figured out the highest possible score as follows:

  • 22 of one color, 
  • minus 7 to go in to the towers,
  • so 15 left to go in the scoring goals,
  • plus 15 more cubes of assorted colors
             (given that the max tower height is 10)

Equals the grand total which is 120!!

How is it that the highest score is 159??
It would mean that their cube stacks are 11 to 12 high in every stack (six possible stacks possible), This is crazy

Here’s a picture,

Does anybody know how this was done???

Colors don’t matter in skills. Check out Appendix B here then see rule RSC2.

<RSC2> In Robot Skills Matches, all Cubes are considered to be the same color. 
Placing a Cube in a Tower affects the point value of all Cubes, 
not just Cubes of that physical color.

Hence you could do 7 in the towers, leaving 59 leftover to stack, times 8 per cube, equals a max score of 472 for skills. So the scores are actually pretty well within the max possible. But that would be 5 ten cube stacks, a nine cube stack, and all the towers scored, which is really not plausible in 60 seconds.


The 159 you refer to in the picture is combined high driver score + high programming score.


Actually, If I’m correct, correct me if I’m wrong, the max driver score is 472.

66 cubes -7 towers= 59 left


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Yes you are wrong as there need to be the remove of 3 cubes from Preloads and 2 cubes from Auto bonus so you start with 61 - 7 = 54
54*8 = 432


The maximum score in a match is actually 202:
2 orange in towers
3 green in towers
2 purple in towers
All other cubes are scored
20 orange x 3 = 60
19 green x4 = 76
20 purple x 3 = 60
Auton bonus = 6
Total 202

As others have pointed out the max for each a skills run is 432 as the cube in towers multiply the score of all colours of cubes. Combining both driver and programming skills you could get a total score of 864!


Remember that’s skills, adding both a good driver run and autonomous run.