max speed motor

How do you set the speed for a motor for driver control?

If you’re using the built-in programs for driver control, I don’t believe you need (or are able) to override the controller settings. So, moving the stick forward all the way results in 100% power/speed to the motors.

If you want to be able to adjust the settings, you’ll need to write your own program (which is not hard in any of the languages).

Which language are you using?


I use mod kit. If you could tell me how to make a program to fix that it would be greatly appreciated.

What exactly are you trying to fix? Do you want to limit how fast the robot goes?

Yes this if or an arm that almost breaks every time we use driver controll

If you already have a driver control program in Modkit, you should just be able to set the motor power to something less that 100, for the arm motor “When: Startup”

Ok thanks for the help.

How do you go about changing the speed? Especially if you have an intake and shooter?

You click on the speed section and change the amount of percent of power your using.