VexRobotics - YouTube

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Very nice car, Valeria! Love the detailing. I can tell you like your bots to look as good as they function.

Specifically, I really think that your chain-driven vehicles work well. I often experience lag or poor response when I put too many gears together. :frowning:

Also, do you have a photo of just the steering mechanism that you could post? Curious to see that.


Unfortunately no photo, but especially for you my friend… )))

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Thanks so much, Valeria! That was quite a disassembly - and far better than just a photo!!!

Sadly, my 4-wheeler is also gone, but it took me much longer to take apart. :slight_smile: Now, I’m thinking about my NEXT bot. I’m just not sure what I want to build.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…


Thanks for posting the disassemble! I’ve watched it a few times, the build details are amazing.

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I also plan to create a new wheel of the bot, but not yet finally completed the job with the “Black King” there’s a lot need time on programming.

Unfortunately to have something to eat in my country need a lot of a lot of work )) this is very little time for bots, Black King took me about 20 nights subject to programming.