Maximizing motors

Is the attached configuration legal?

I don’t see an attachment

Does it work now?

I see it now. Where are your motor controllers? I don’t think they make 2 wire Y-splitters.
Usually you have a 3 wire splitter coming from one port with a motor controller on each end of the Y and then plug your 2 motors into the end of the controllers.

@n5vei This would be using the motor controllers built into ports 1 and 10 on the cortex, and the goal is to use the 3 wire Y-splitter to split a 2 wire connection

I’ve pulled this from the VEX Starstruck Game Manual:

The arrangement shown in the drawing is thus illegal.

Thus you need to use a 3-wire motor port if you’re going to control 2 motors with a single port. Besides, using a 3-wire y-cable on a 2-wire port won’t work well with the motors. They’re designed only for the 3-wire motor ports.

You would need to put motor controllers between the two motors and the splitter. In addition you would need to use a 3 wire extender as opposed to a 2 wire. Hope this was helpful and good luck!

@Zphelps I don’t believe so… the 3 wire Y splitter is used for 3 wired motors… you plug the motors straight in and it is used AS a motor controller, but I’m no expert… it just works well with my team’s robot.

It is true that as long as you use the 3-wire motors with the Y splitter, you will not need the external motor controllers. However, to use 2-wire motors with the Y splitter, you will need an external motor controller for the 2-wire motors.