Maximum Array Size

I am working on a project where I have four 150 * 6 Arrays, and One 600 * 6 array. Does anyone know if RobotC/The cortex can handle arrays of these size?

ROBOTC can handle large arrays. Memory is the limiting factor, about 15000 bytes are reserved for global variables so you should be ok with what you are describing if “150 * 6” means it is 900 bytes.

Okay, so I have 4(1506) = 3600 + (6006) = 7200.
So I should be able to get away with using 7200 bytes on arrays?

yes, as long as the arrays are declared as “char” or “unsigned char” as an “int” uses 4 bytes (on V4.xx). Create a small test program and try to compile, if there’s a problem then ROBOTC will tell you.

That’s a shame, I used ints.

So were you trying to do this?

// uses 150*6*4 bytes
int MyArray[150][6];

or this

typedef struct _foo {
    unsigned char bar[6];
    } foo;

// uses 150*6 bytes
foo MyArray[150];

The first (10char)