maximum height needed in a match

Looking at Singvex, the average points that both alliances have scored summed is approximately 100. For margin’s sake, let’s say 110. The maximum summed across opposing alliances was ~190. To find the number of cones that were scored, we take away the 5 points for the highest stacks in each of the four zones (average: 90 max: 170), the autonomous bonus (average: 80 max: 160), half the maximum parking bonus (average: 86 max: 166), and a half of the maximum mobile goals bonus (2 twenty point goals, 6 ten point goals) for a grand total of 46 points scored via cones on average across both alliances and a maximum of 126. Divide by two gives you 23 cones scored in an average match and 63 cones scored in the highest match. With an average autonomous, mobile goals, and stack bonus, you only would need to score 12 cones to win the average match and 32 to win the highest scoring match. Using this math, in early season there is no reason to have your robot be able to score more than 35 cones and 38" (10 in each zone and 5 on the mobile goal) for a total of 38 inches needed. If you run out of room to stack, there’s plenty of room on the last mobile goal and you can still go defensive. Not only that, but 38" is the MAXIMUM you will need for any early season match. After 38", you’re just sacrificing your robot’s reliability and how much time you give your poor driver and coder.
heights of lifts (I ain’t hardware so my math will automatically be a bit off and I’ll edit these when people comment better numbers):
DR4B/four bar: 58"
DR6B/six bar: ~80"

|chain bar: ~40" |-predicted winners of early season in the zone
|linear slide elevator: whatever you want |/

Only one teams gets the Autonomous Bonus. So while the max will drop by 10, the average will only drop by 5. You seem to be doing the same with others. Remember, the average will drop by half what the total will drop since the average is half the total.

Why half of a bunch of those bonuses? Is that an estimate of how many were actually placed per match? Or were you calculating for the average this time and not doubling for the total?

Also, you cannot get the highest 5-point stack if all the Mobile Goals are in the 10 and 20-point zones, but you’ve given all four highest-stack bonuses while only showing Mobile Goals in those two zones.

I recommend going back and recalculating.

I’m not building for the early season, I am trying to build a world-class robot at this point in the season. Why rebuild later if I don’t have to? I am very capable of making a more complex design work considering I have almost five months to work out the kinks before our first tournament. :slight_smile:

That’s what we are trying to do. The only theory I had to back building simple just to win the early season is all your tricks won’t be revealed/copied by your regions competitors. But where is the fun in building “good enough to win” for this point in the season?

These are for both alliances’ scores added together (blue +red) so the autonomous bonus remains at 10. the other points are halved for margin and because not every robot is going to park and not every mobile goal will be scored perfectly.

You get more reliable as your robot gets more testing time and you will have more time to program and drive.

at any given tournament before worlds, I honestly don’t think scoring 35 to 45 cones every match perfectly distributed with a robot that you have had ample time to code and drive will be anything less than a champion… yes it will have a harder time late season, but I believe it still will win

I don’t know the meaning of “good enough.”

Naturally my robot will improve with driving practice, better-tuned code, and more refined mechanical design. But I don’t see the point in building something that I know for sure isn’t the best, unless I have time constraints.

OK. That clears up some of it. You still have the issue of counting the tallest stack for the 5-point zone while never scoring in the 5-point zone.

why wouldn’t people score in the 5 point zone? You steal 5 points from your enemy and get the 5 point highest stack bonus and get the 5 points for the zone. I guess if your opponent has a higher stack you may want to move your goal to the ten point zone but the cones left aren’t much effected

You would get more points for having a mobile goal in the 10-point zone instead, that’s why. It may be better to steal those 5 points if you know you can beat your opponent’s highest 5-point stack, so you end up the same and they get no bonus, but you may end up losing the 5 points.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. :stuck_out_tongue: Usually better to just score in 10-point zone.

It’s the Prisoners’ Dillema (sort of)

My comment wasn’t about no one using it. My comment was that the analysis was included someone winning the Highest Stack Bonus for the 5-point zone with no team ever placing a Mobile Goal in the 5-point zone. That can’t happen. Therefore the analysis needs some fixing.

As for placing in the 5-point zone:

  1. General rule of thumb, don’t. You get just as much in the 10-point zone as the 5-point zone plus winning highest stack there. But no one can steal points away from you, so you’re better off in the 10-point zone.

  2. If you’re nearly out of time, better the 5-point zone than nothing, though.

  3. If the other team has a 5-point zone stack, you can potentially steal away their highest stack bonus by moving a stack there instead of the 10-point zone, reducing their score while not raising your own.