Maximum members per team

Does anyone know what the maximum number of members per team is in the new game “Over Under”?

I hope you can help me with this question thank you

There is no maximum. One or more students make up a team. It’s in the game manual.

There is not a maximum number of members per team. Just keep in mind that there can be a max of 3 drive team members in an alliance station during a match.

There is no max. But be warned if a team has to many members there are often members that dont contribute and let the otehrs do all of the work or they dont know what to do as there are to many ppl assighned to each task.

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I am not aware of any specific rule for this (There could be one) But our robotics program has found that an ideal number of team members is 3. We have had 2 person teams before, but those are rare, we have also had 4 and 5 person teams, these teams are pretty good, but any more than 5 members and you can have team members goofing off or distracting others because they don’t have anything to do.


This is merely the results we have observed in our robotics program, there is more than one way to run a robotics program so it is very likely that there are some VERY productive teams out there that have more than 5 members, but in the years of competing our school has done, we haven’t seen this internally.

I personally am on a 3 person team. The last 3 years (including this one) I have been on a 3 person team.

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Please read the Game manual carefully. It states what is permissible and what is not. In terms of members on a team, there are defined roles in the Game Manual and who is permitted to be at the field. Re-read the Game Manual and come back with questions to clarify.


There is no limit to how many people can be on a team (in any year), but there is a limit of 3 people per team standing in the Alliance Station (by the field) during matches.

However, teams with especially large numbers of people are more likely to have difficulty finding roles for everyone on the team. I’ve heard 3-5 is a good number, though there have been successful teams with more (especially if you let some people work on things besides building, programming, and driving, such as Online Challenges and promoting the team online and at events).

The game manual does not limit how many people should be on a team; therefore, you could have as many people as you want on a single team. But, from my experience, I would say around five or six people is the maximum you can have before people start to have nothing to do. I hope this helps!

To quote @kmmohn

Sounds like you need to read the game manual ( As you read the manual, remember that the manual tells you things you must do, and things you are prohibited from doing. There is no way the manual could tell you everthing you might do, so generally if something is not prohibited by the game manual, then it is legal.

In addition, I wouldn’t ever recommend more than 5 to a team and a max of 4 if you aren’t doing a notebook.


Me with a 9 person team (yeah, it doesn’t work, no one cares about vex because there are too many people)

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I have the same issue, my team is made up of 4 people who regularly attend and build our robot, and 5 others who either don’t know what to do or don’t care.

Definitely would recommend a smaller team, maybe 5-6 as the max.

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I think team size has different context… so local events, a small nimble team (essentially drive team plus a couple more) is ideal given that the team is playing with teams from their area they know pretty well. However, get to Worlds - group size should scale for that event - there is a lot more support needed to do well. Extreme case, MS team two persons may be problematic - can’t provide presence at PIT to discuss with upcoming alliance partners, keep gear tuned… Moreover, Worlds lots of unknown teams, so high need for good scouting. My gut a 6-7 member team is ideal for Worlds (MS)

HS looks different, VEXU even more different :slight_smile: