Maximum Possible Air Reservoir PSI

Theoretically (and illegally) speaking, what is the maximum PSI an air reservoir can hold before something happens to it (the most common hypothesis being that it would explode)? I know the maximum competition legal amount is 100 PSI, but I also know the air reservoir can hold much more because I’ve definitely filled the reservoir to a pressure above 100 PSI on many occasions by accident.

I believe it is rated for 250 psi, but that is illegal for comps, mainly because then you would exceed the rating of the solenoids.
It may be possible to exceed 250, but that is all they are rated for.


I don’t have a reservoir on me, but it should give the maximum rated pressure on it. Also, solenoids are only rated for 100psi.


where is the pressure rating of the solenoids listed?

I know mine most defiantly have max pressured on it


On my solenoids there is a little sticker on the side that says 100 psi. I assumed they all came with that.


Typically, manufacturers give their products a lower rating than what said product is truly capable of, as a safety precaution. They do this so that accidentally overfilling or exceeding the rated limit of whatever product doesn’t destroy it. Accidents and manufacturing errors happen all the time, and rating a product at it’s absolute limit would be dangerous. I think the reservoir in question here could probably hold 275-300 psi before failure.