Maximum Score in Autonomous Period

During the beginning of the match, in the 15 second autonomous period, what would the maximum amount of points you could score?

In the 22-23 game spin Up - You get an autonomous bonus if you score more points than the other alliance. How many points is for you to research.

There is also a benefit of achieving the autonomous challenge specified by the game.

I highly recommend you read the Game Manual at and find other resources there.

Best of luck this season!

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maximum possible would be all your rollers turned to your color, and every single disc on the field and every single preload somehow landing in your goal. Practically impossible, but that’s just how it goes with this game, the line between a plausible high score and a theoretical one is not clear.


If we assume the robot a) can teleport, b) has a cycle time of absolutely nothing, and c) only uses the discs on its side of the field/auton line, the theoretical max is 160 (assuming I counted the number of discs that start on the field right (26 on the field + 2 preloads))

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in the realm of impossibility, we must also consider the opponents are conspiring with you to obtain the highest possible score, and will be scoring all the discs on their side as well as rollers for you as well.


4 preloads. 2 per teamate So 30 discs total that means 150 points from discs 20 points from rollers for a grand total of 170.

Do I think that is possible? Not really. I can only envision that possiblby happening if someone gets a really good turret.


That’s an oxymoron right there.


I think you need to re-read OPs question, which was not what is the max possible score, but just the autonomous period.

Doesn’t matter how many discs you score, assuming you win the autonomous period, you have the same score at that point no matter how many discs you have scored.

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Can you show us the code in block like a screenshot or in an email? If not then could you write it out. I will be posting a code soon for anyone that wants to use that. Good luck for this spin up competition

I read this as “what is the maximum number of points you could score during the autonomous period”, not “how many point does winning autonomous earn you”


That’s a fair interpretation, I can see now how you got there.

You want… the code of the max theoretical score…?

Sure thing:

For sake of argument, I went with Xenon’s theory that the opponent will throw in your favor.

Hope this helps!


I don’t know of any other game with these specific scoring values, so yes, this will only work for spin up.

As stated in the last comment featured in the screenshot, this setup should achieve 270 points.

Provided all the hypotheticals above, you can start wherever you want within the starting lines since your robot would be able to teleport.

Hope this helps!


You missed out the function to teleport in your code.


It’s inherent to the robot’s design, doesn’t need special coding. Challenge the builders they said. It’ll be fun they said.


OkapiLib is magic they say (I say). You just put the point in the driveToPoint function and it’ll handle teleporting automatically if you have the brand new Vex V5 compatible Apparition module (for only 69 galleons) plugged in.


New parts are always “shipping in 9 months” for international teams. lol…


Once the charm shortage is over, a time-turner should help with that problem.


Might need some Pym particles with that…