MC29 alternatives

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We are transitioning to V5, but still a few cortex kits. a couple of our MC29s have stopped working. Is there a cheap alternative to use?
I am ok with purchasing new ones, but if there are alternatives we could use with Arduino and we transition away from Cortex

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If you are transitioning to V5 then you don’t need the motor controllers. And there are no alternatives to the MC29s.

There are some alternatives, the MC29 is, to my knowledge, a fairly standard h-bridge motor controller.

There might be some information in this topic:

You can always buy more MC29s from vex, or even reach out to some competition teams in the area and see if if they have old MC29s they don’t use after switching to V5 for competition.
MC29s are not needed for V5, but work well with cortex and even other platforms.