McDonald's -- VEX scissors lift robot!

McDonald’s has a new commercial out as part of their simpler is better campaign. About 1/2 way through is two people (mentor and a roboteer??) with a VEX robot with a pretty nice scissors lift. Older robot, since it’s being controlled by the old radio transmitters. Not often you see robots, much less a VEX robot. Very Cool!

Looks on the internet…

So I tried looking for the commercial and couldn’t seem to find it. Can someone link a video?

^^ would love a link :slight_smile:

I’ll try to find it again - one second.

The website was a “fidgety” but, after a while I got it to work. :slight_smile:

Here you go:

Well the robot isn’t that old. It is from skyrise. The controller is a little weird though? Maybe they just used old controller as a prop.

I assume, McDonalds must have some license or ruling saying that you can’t let someone operate “machinery”. Its probably a prop and some guy in back actually controlling the robot.

It’s really hard to tell in the video, but I think I see a cortex on there. Someone probably just decided the big controller looks cooler.

The big question is though why are there 2 speakers on it???

@Murfy – thanks for the link!

@tabor473 – Could be for Skyrise, could also be for this year, lifting over the fence is something teams are thinking about. Those controllers still work, I use them for my summer camp. It could also be footage from other things. Who knows, someone at the ad agency has video of their roboteer and got it put into a commercial. It also looks like there is a clawbot over the mentor’s shoulder. And some weird gizmo to the right.

@Kevin Boenisch – you have better eyes than I do, missed the speakers. Can you look at the back wall with the stickers and see if you can pick out a team number or name?

The moving arm at the top of the scissor lift looks like it’s built to grab and place Skyrise sections.

I’d agree, the large controller would say “robotics remote control” to most people rather than the current joystick that looks like a video game console joystick/controller.

Lol, I don’t think it’s your eyes, the video is pretty low resolution. Hopefully there’ll be a better one available soon.

And yeah, 100% it’s a skyrise bot with an arm for stationary skyrise construction.

Can you share a link? I have not seen it yet.

Haha, thanks for tagging them. I forgot to do so.

This was actually my team’s robot (7700B). Yes it is our skyrise robot and the claw is for stationary construction. And yes the old controller is just a prop someone was off camera controlling the robot. The 2 speakers were setup to make beeping noises when batteries were low and other debugging operations. Some of the stuff in the background was props our team brought and other stuff was props the production crew brought.

How did you control the 2 speakers and why 2? Were they just y-ed to act like one or can you control speakers from sensor ports?

We y-cabled them together then plugged into the speaker port on the cortex. Also 2 is better than 1.

Agreed… 2 speakers are better than 1.

Here is a link to another video of this same robot being used in a commercial for National University.