McKinley Vexhibition 2012

Email blast to team contacts:

Greetings Teams!

We are pleased to have you joining us for our third annual event.

Please find attached to this email the following:
Pit Map - can you figure out how they’re ordered?
Campus Map and Event Schedule
Team List
Inspection Checklist

Cold drinks, snacks, and batteries will be available for purchase.
Though overhead fans were installed during the summer, it is recommended to dress cool as the cafeteria can get hot after awhile.
The competition fields have moved to Hirata Hall which is air conditioned. The walkway between the pits and the competition field is not covered, so a large umbrella is recommended should the weather not cooperate.
Should everything go correctly, the competition will be webcast at (currently showing McKinley’s 2012 graduation for your viewing pleasure).
Parking may get crowded as the day goes on with the Made in Hawaii Festival going on next door at the Blaisdell.

Each team will have 6 matches each during the qualification rounds.

Teams will have up to 3 attempts for the Programming Skills Challenge and 3 attempts for the Robot Skills Challenge. Priority for each challenge will be given to those teams who have gone fewer times for that challenge. If no teams are attempting a challenge, the field will be an open practice field. Attempts may begin Friday afternoon after registration and will end when lunch begins on Saturday.

Scores will be published to [ while the tournament is ongoing. Teams will be able to sign up for VEX TEXT to receive text messages about upcoming matches. Information and signup will be available upon registration.

Please remember:
Safety glasses and covered shoes are expected to be worn in the pits at all times.
This event uses VEXnet only - no crystals.
No daisy chaining of power strips will be allowed. Additional outlets are available in Hirata Hall if necessary.

See you soon!]( while the tournament is ongoing. Teams will be able to sign up for VEX TEXT to receive text messages about upcoming matches. Information and signup will be available upon registration.)
2012 Vexhibition Pit Map.pdf (235 KB)
2012 Vexhibition Campus Map and Schedule.pdf (272 KB)
2012 Vexhibition Team List.pdf (140 KB)
VEX-Sack-Attack-Inspection-Checklist-v.060512.pdf (152 KB)

Will matches be recorded and put up somewhere for viewing? I know there where some videos of last years McKinley Vexhibition.


I hope so! We really got a lot of strategic insight from the McKinley videos last year.

The webcast itself should remain viewable from the link given as an archive. I’m sure video will also make its way onto YouTube - not sure if that will be us or others, however.

Congratulations to everyone who participated today!

Results can be found here:

Award winners were:

Tournament Champions:
359A - The Hawaiian Kids - Waialua High and Intermediate School
4109 - 808 Robotics - 808 Robotics
2453 - Fire Hazards - Hawaii Baptist Academy

Excellence Award:
359A - The Hawaiian Kids - Waialua High and Intermediate School
(Programming Skills Champion, Number 1 Seed, Tournament Champion)

Each of these teams earns a free spot for the specified robot to the 2013 Pan Pacific Championship, February 22-24, 2013.

Good luck teams as you progress throughout the season!

See you next year!

The elimination matches were very intense and showed how powerful a descore can be. 359, 394, 4109, and 2453 are now the best sack attack robots I’ve seen so far.

I have seen a better one. All the robots in nz and Singapore.

Sounds like it was a great tournament! Sadly I missed the stream, do you know if anyone plans to upload any videos of the competition?

This competition proves exactly what i was thinking was going to happen at the first competitions of the season, the best scorers win. There wasn’t much intense strategy, mostly just who can score the most won. Team 359 did have a strategy that seemed to work, and i think the game is going to change tremendously throughout the year. But no doubt about it amazing performance by Hawaii, and i really liked how all the robots were different designs. Congrats to 359, 4109, 2453. Really looking forward to what happens to the robot designs at the next Hawaiian competition.

How soon will the webcast footage be viewable as video footage? I tried watching it live, but with my internet, it was just a bunch of frozen spasms.

We’re trying to figure out why we missed part of the stream recording, but here is the link from mid-Match 17 to the end.

Thanks all!

Heads up… things are going to change drastically. Like, really drastically.

Since this tournament did not offer a worlds qualification, we entered a robot designed, built, and driven by our younger up-and-coming members in order to get them some experience in a low-pressure environment. For many of them it was their first robot. I spoke to members of at least three other well-known Hawaii teams who told me that they have much better robots than the ones that competed here sitting in their workshops waiting for the first tournament that offers qualifications to Worlds. I would be thoroughly unsurprised if the level of competition skyrockets at the next Hawaii regional, and the designs all change dramatically, as teams reveal what they’ve really been working on.

Thanks to McKinley for a great tournament and for providing a well-organized competition with a fun and friendly atmosphere. Congratulations to the winning alliance; you guys were great. Thanks to all of our partners, particularly those who teamed up with us in eliminations. See you all on the field at the next tournament…