McMath BC Season opener 2 2012

Great event held yesterday
great volunteers, great venue
and lots of epic matches :slight_smile:

and here are vids of the entire elimination bracket

and im sure Mr. Brett will post here soon with his pics as well :)](

So many competitions in this region! Congrats to 1492 who’ve now qualified ALL THREE of their teams :eek:. Also congrats to 2 who’s been dominating alongside them by the looks of things.

Edit: Robotevents page if anyone is interested in scores etc.

Great job to everyone that competed at this tournament and all the volunteers that made it run so smoothly. Just like the Jumpstart tournament, pit runners and the check-off boards next to the fields were extremely helpful. Additionally the 4-field setup was extremely quick (almost too much, as getting in judging/skills challenge was a little difficult). Anyways, here is the award rundown as best I can remember:

Tournament Champions: 2D, 1492A, 1492Z (1st seeded alliance, qualified for Worlds)
Tournament Finalists: 2A, 2S, 575 (3rd seeded alliance)

Excellence: 1492A (qualified for Worlds)
Design: 2D (qualified for Worlds)
Amaze: 2K
Build: 575
Create: 1136A
Judges: 2A

Driver Skills: 1492A (185 pts)
Programming SKills: 1492X (85 pts)

And yes, as Telemascope pointed out, 1492 is very fortunate to have all of our teams qualified now! More time and freedom to go experiment with designs as we go into winter break.

Pretty good tournament! Isfeld Secondary (team 1136) are rising stars in British Columbia.

Rick has also begun uploading some videos of the competition here. Be very afraid of 1492A and 2D :open_mouth: that was a scary alliance!

Edit: I also highly recommend watching this match

You got the match where 2W and their partner fell. I was so happy when that happen you can even hear me yell “Best Match Ever!” but that was quickly kill when they beat my alliance partners :(. Almost got another ticket to worlds.

Oh… wow… I didn’t know BOTH semis had a one point match. It was a tough tournament.

The match where the Isfeld teams lost 125-126 in the other semi was pretty epic too…


It was a fun tournament. Thanks to 2D for being awesome alliance partners for the second time and to our BFFs 1492Z.

Personal favorite match: Semi 1-1. It was a replay of final 1 from Jumpstart and really showcases the abilities of the robots.

yes! best match of the day imo
with the top 4 teams pitted against each other
kinda made me resent that im a year older :stuck_out_tongue:

Top 4 teams? Can’t quite agree with that, I’m afraid… there were some great teams in that match, but the 149 teams from Courtenay were awesome, too. One went undefeated in qualifying, captained the #2 alliance, and together they were one loose potentiometer wire away from knocking the whole Vancouver/Seattle World Champion/World Finalists thing out the window.

Even if they had won their first match in the semis, they might not have been able to knock off the winning alliance, but at least one of the 149 bots was a top four machine… and this despite the fact that it was their first tournament of the season.

I predict we’ll see an Isfeld team take a BC Championship “A” division title home with them… if not this year, then in the next two years. Those guys just keep getting better… sooner or later the “big city” teams will have it brought to their attention in… an… undeniable way. :wink:


Absolutely. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to categorize the “top 4” teams just based off of last year’s performances. Isfeld had a very impressive performance. Definitely an up-and-coming team that has a chance at unseating the veterans in the very near future. Their designs were clean, reliable and well-executed. Their autonomouses were consistent, scoring 5 or 6 sacks each time. I believe their game strategy needs a little bit of work, but everything else seems on track. I can’t wait to see what they bring out in the next few competitions.

Photos (mostly of the awards presentations) are now posted.

And to correct my previous post, I believe the correct team number for the Isfeld teams is 1136.