Measuring Battery life

I’ve seen several different teams at various tournaments using a number of different ways to determine how much charge was on their batteries. Most recently, I saw team 1103 (Titan on this forum) with some sort of contraption that seemed to be very effective in charging batteries and verifying their status. Is there a preferred method of checking battery power level?

Titan, if you see this…what was it you were using in GA? I didn’t think to ask you until a few days after the tournament.


I use Vex Smart Chargers for actually charging my batteries. What you probably saw me doing all the time was checking the voltage of my batteries. For this I use a basic digital multimeter with one modification. I removed the needles from the wires of the multimeter and soldered in a female battery connector from an older vex charger. This allows me to quickly plug the battery into the multimeter and check the battery’s Voltage. If the battery reads less than 7.8 volts I hook it up to my homemade discharging device (the white thing) and I discharge the battery down to 5 Volts before recharging.