Mecanum Drive causing specific motor to heat

We built a mecanum drive, and yesterday when running auton it was working perfectly fine. Today when running it out back right motor started to die. I have checked for friction and when the motor is disconnected from the axle it can spin freely for a long time. We are using v5 and direct drive

I’m assuming that since it worked yesterday, all the motors have the same cartridge, and you apply the same voltage (or other methods of powering motors) to them all. Is the weight evenly distributed on your robot? Try switching out the motor and see if it still happens, or, if you don’t have an extra motor to use, switch it with a different drive motor, and test it again after it cools. It was most likely just a coincidence, but it’s always better to be safe and test it.


We also switched out our motor, and it still happens. We have our cortex and battery in the middle of our robot, and everything else is basically symmetrical.

Did you try switching the port? Are you using V5 or Cortex?

We are using v5, but no we have not tried that

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