Mecanum drive train with turbo gears

We decided to be a little crazy and put turbo gears on the Mecanum drive the other day. The students put them in (new experience) and decided to take it for a spin and… It is FAST!

Excellent video! I was going to test a drive train similar to this with mecanum wheels once we got our kits shipped in!

Also, it appears you may have a bad motor, unless you guys were intentionally veering off at a slight angle.

Have they tested this with any significant weight on the chassis? I’ve always wondered if Mecanums will cause motors to stall sooner if they are geared up like this.

Ahh yes, weight and mechanums, the deadly combination.

Weight distribution as well as the weight of the robot itself.

As a pure simple chassis, they rock! Maybe this year the forced 18x18x18 with smaller shooter mechanisms will keep things lighter and more balanced than the past few years…

Well right after the video a motor died, but in the process of changing it, they found that the motor that was dragging had a spacing problem on the axle. It was just too tight. Yeah I am worried about weight vs heat and current draw. But they have a good game strategy that the group came up with. If you are older and remember Vietnam or the movies at least the movies of that era… “Run and Gun” is the strategy name.
Bill R.

I would suggest some testing of current, estimated PTC temperature and actual motor RPM with this gearing. Say if your base is running at 50% speed and a very high current with this gearing, then probably a lower gear ratio that allows you to run at 80% motor speed and lower current is better.

But I assume that everyone would like to see 3.25 inch and 2.75 inch mecanum wheels next year with less than 1.5 inch width. I’m designing them right now. :wink:

I think the smaller Mecanums would be great! So far we have not had any heating issues or PLC dropouts. I am sure it will happen when the intake and shooter is added. More testing for sure!

It looks like a great drive train for the conditions it was tested under:

  • hallway race, with no manipulators needed,
  • on a hard tile floor
  • with relatively little side-sliding.

YMMV for an actual Vex game played on anti-static sprayed Vex tiles in a 12x12’ box.