Mecanum drive

what motor/gear configuration would be the best to use with a mecanum wheel drive? The set up my team is using right now had posed some issues with speed.

0 motors at a 0-0 ratio.

In all seriousness you won’t get much speed out of the meccanum wheels as they are very inefficient. I recommend switching to a simple tank drive with omni wheels

A good amount of this is misguided. I’ll be brief because I should be writing a paper:

  1. X drives… actually don’t waste more space than mecanums. In fact, they’re about equal. (IF built properly) the mecanum wheels are much thicker than omni wheels. Add all the needed supports, and a 3.25 in omni setup can be placed in just about the same space.
  2. mechanum drives “waste” as much torque as x drives. 45 degree rollers…
  3. In fact, more. The cambered (think thats the right word) rollers are just terrible on VEX’s part. A better mecanum would have parallel rollers, like GER’s custom mecanums.

Mecanums THEMSELVES aren’t a bad idea. (aside form the terrible geometry which losses over 50% torque when strafing IIRC) The problem is mostly with VEX.

Yea I agree with that. That’s why I edited that it may be wrong because I realized that my research and experimentation doesn’t look spot-on. Sorry I made the post misguided.

It’s alright. I’m glad you’re having success in spite of this however.

My team has both types of drives with the same gear ratio. Is a omni-wheel Holonomic drive faster? By the the word you are looking for is cambered. :slight_smile:

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
And the Holonomic is faster and has slightly better acceleration. (But has less torque) The holonomic is also 4 times as fast when strafing.