Mecanum or locked Omni?

Hi currently we have a mecanum drive with 2 Omni wheels in the middle, and we are considering changing to a 6 wheel Omni drive with the middle wheels locked. Overall the Omni drive is better against defense but the mecanum is better for lining up to shoot. I wanted to know everyone’s opinion on this. We have a 2bc by the way and we are capable of shooting a single ball across the field.

Do you have enough motors for an H-drive?

If you want to be able to code really efficient autons I think that mechanum or H-drive is the way to go, but I think that if you don’t care that much about the strafing the locked omnis are the way to go. You lose so much speed with mechanum wheels, although since V5 motors are pretty good you can still drive at a reasonable speed

We don’t have v5, right now it is just high speed internal gears on legacy motors directly powering the wheels.

And with the Omni wheels in the middle we go at a decent speed.

Is this a 6 motor drive train? If you are willing to use that many motors for a powerful drive train that can strafe I would go for it.

Yes it is 6 motor drive