Mecanum vs X-Drive for VEX Spin Up

Or you could make an x-drive with mecanum wheels. (don’t do that)


Would you mind sharing a picture of your setup with these?

This is what it looks like for old all plastic gears. A high strength space is needed because th gear is thinner in the middle

This is for the new metal core gears

This is it gliding with a fairly soft push so it didn’t crash into anything (also before it had all the wheels on both sides)


I am debating on making an x-drive for this year’s game and I was wondering if an x-drive would be faster than a 6 motor regular drive, and if so, by how much?

A 6 motor regular drive would probably be faster than an x drive because of the extra torque. This is assuming everything is the same (gear ratios, weight, num. of motors, etc.) except the build. However, 6 motors is most likely unfeasible this year because of motor requirements (2 motors for just the flywheel, leaving 6 motors for drive and intake/indexer). I would suggest choosing between an x-drive and just a 4 motor regular drive. I’d personally run with a 4 motor regular drive because strafing isn’t on my priority list. Another idea you could maybe try if you want to strafe is an H-drive.

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If you wanted to do 6m drive, you could just build a transmission.

A transmission for the intake.

In my opinion newer teams should think twice before doing transmission and PTO. The simple, consistent bots are the ones that win, especially early in the season.


I’ve actually had firsthand experience at a unofficial competition and having built my own robot in a week and all the other robots the same I would say that 2 inch wheels are not going to be the first option I would use building an x drive. Yes they are compact and can be geared easily but every single match we did involved one of the robots getting stuck it happened on any 3.25 Omni drive base and below.


would a 4m x-drive blue motor direct into 2.75" omni wheels work good or is there better options?

would a bigger wheel work better?

wouldnt 600rpm direct have an output rpm of 840?

its on small wheels, only 2.75"

Try it and see? Seems like it might overheat, but worth experimenting.

Doubt it. that would have the speed of an 848 rpm Tank drive on 2.75" wheels, or a 583 rpm tank drive on 4" wheels. Way too fast. You could always try green motors, or if that’s to slow on 2.75 wheels, try it on 3.25 or 4" wheels (equivalent to 229 and 280 rpm tank drives on 4" wheels, respectively).