Mecanum Wheel Drive


My team is hopping to use Mecanum wheels on our next drivetrain, however, our teacher is not ordering them until we have a fully designed robot. Right now my thought is to have the wheels and a gear within the 2 c-channels that make up either side of the drivetrain so we can increase the drive speed. Does anyone know how many holes wide my drive will need to be? not as in the full drive just the spacing for the mecanum wheel and a high strength gear?



The wheels are 2" wide as drawn in your sketch. I would suggest getting out graph paper and drawing the wheels as a 2"x4" rectangle (full scale or 1:2 scale), then adding structure and gear or chain.

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The wheel in my sketch was not to scale it was just to show where the spacing was that I needed to know about.

Understood. I am trying to help you draw a sketch to scale, so you can figure out the spacing. Make that same sketch, but have the wheel part be 2" x 4" and the structure parts be 1/2" wide and allow space for the gears… then put a cube beside that (plus some space around the cube) and redraw the same wheel sketch for the other side of your drive base. Then you would have documentation for your teacher and yourself how your idea will work. Mecanum wheels are somewhat expensive, and you need to be sure they will be something you can use.


you need 7 holes for Mecanum.

Oh ok great thanks
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@langchen thanks for the info, that helped a lot