Mecanum wheels and HS shafts

I like Mecanum wheels and now I like the HS shafts, but most of the wheels have the 1/8 " hole.
I tried drilling and broaching the wheels for the 1/4" shaft. It seems to work, there was enough plastic that there was still a complete wall for the thru hole.
I will post if I learn more.

I’ve had the plastic “adapters” fall off of old wheels so maybe there is a way to pry them off also

you can pry them off with a sharp flathead screwdriver.
also just saying if you need to use hs shafts on your chassis, somethings not right…


This ^^^^^^^^^^^^
@railrhodesbbw what are you doing that would require HS shafts to be used?

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If @railrhodesbbw has a really heavy robot, strafing MIGHT possibly be able to bend the axles. Also, if the two sides that have the axle between them were really far apart, this could happen.