Mecanum Wheels w/ non-Geometric Center of Mass?

Hello World!

We are trying to make a robot which uses Mecanum Wheels to drive, as we experienced some success with this setup last year. However, due to the design of our shooter, especially now that we’ve added a few new components to it, the center of mass is towards the geometric back of the robot’s base, rather than the geometric center. This causes issues with strafing, as when we strafe, the robot strafes around it’s center of mass, and since this is in the back the robot instead ends up essentially pivoting on its back wheels instead of strafing left or right.

Because we have come a long way in the design of our robot and are hesitant to make additional modifications to try to re-balance our center of mass, I am looking into possible programming solutions for this issue, such as reducing the input the back motors receive from the joystick channel which tells them to strafe. I was, in the meantime, wondering if anyone else out there has had this issue before, and what ideas/tips they might be able to provide in regards to this issue (besides “don’t use mecanum wheels lol”, since it’s a bit late for that). I would appreciate hearing any (well, almost any) input on this problem.

Thank you all for your time!

Are you using robotc or easyc?

This probably sounds really stupid, but a few years ago we had the same issue and we thought that it had to do with center of mass (which was far off the geometric center). After months of trying programming fixes, we discovered that it was actually the fact that the front motors were overclocked and the back motors were not. You probably are smarter than that, but, before you try any fancy solution, check that the motors are spinning the same speed.