Mecanum Wheels with weight

When we use the mecanum wheels strafing movement the robot struggles with strafing diagonally. I believe that it could be the weight of the robot that’s causing the problem. I’m just seeing if people back up that idea.

For Mecanum wheels to work properly, the center of mass needs to be positioned as close as possible to the center of the drive base. Actual weight is not particularly important (within reason, of course).


diagonal strafing is interesting with mecanum wheels, because two of the wheels need to not move at all, but when the motors are running at 0% speed they will move fairly freely. I found it best to make the motor move at 1% speed to keep them from moving too much. (you can also make the motors hold, but for what i was doing 1% speed was easier). so, it might just be a programming issue not a weight issue

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This I honestly didn’t think about because it probably is this issue but I wont be able to test it until either later today or Monday afternoon