Mecanum Wheels

Mecanum wheels for VEX would be awsome. They are used magnificently in the FRC and would open up all sorts of possibilities in the FVC and home builders. For all of you who don’t know what mecanum wheels are check this out. Vexanum 2.0 wheels.

whats the point of them? arent they just wheels?

they’re like omni wheels only better.

My FRC team (FRC-45, The TechnoKats) developed a custom mecanum wheel drivebase last fall and gave away a set at nationals. We found them to have extreme motion capabilities and able to go literally in any direction (except vertically ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue: ). They have almost no friction on the carpet though, so you can just get pushed around. However, with VEX theres not as much power in the drivebases so these wheels would make it so you can go straight sideways easily. Here is a pic of a mecanum wheelchair , a practical use for them.

i’ve already built a set and the work pretty good

those look really nice. where can i buy them? :wink:

sweet! can they be made FVC legal?

it looks in the picture like the angle of the rollers is a little off (but its hard to tell) If it is you may want to get it as close as possible to 45* and make sure they are all consistant with each other. With the mecanum drivebase robot I made, the first set of wheels would not work correctly because of the lack of consistancy in the wheels.

Other than that, they look pretty cool! How much did they cost to make?

no you cant buy them, i made them and they are fvc legal (all parts are from ifi and many people ask me about that and there is nothing in the rules that say i cant use them). all the rollers are at 45 degrees and they cost about $150 a set and about 50+ hours to make.

Those are awesome wheels, but in a competition, why wouldn’t you just use regular holonomic drive (with omni wheels)?

to be different and inventive. vex is about being creative with the materials you have. i could have used the omni wheels but theres no fun there.

isn’t that pointless cause if u didn’t spend the time making the wheels than u have more time to make your robot.

Dude, check out my website in the signature, find videos and tell me if what we got is similar use, we did not build what you are talking about, but our is just, if not more effective.Those are just our scrimmage videos