Meccanum Problems

Hi! I hope your robots are going great so far, however, sadly, our’s is facing a roadblock. We have a meccanum drive which moves back and forth perfectly, but when turning, it simply does not. It resists moving and also rips into the ground. Has anyone seen this, or do you have a fix? Any comment is appreciated :slight_smile:

Idk, mecaums r tricky to use, but maybe you could make the front strafe one way and the back strage the other way

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Sounds like you may have a coding issue that drives the motors against each other when turning. My 2 cents.

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You need to make sure that your mecanum wheels are mounted correctly. They need to have a specific orientation. The bottom of the robot they should look like this…


Can you send a pic? I had a similar problem once due to how I had them arranged.

Actually I don’t believe that is correct. I made a similar mistake early last season. You need them to be in an X looking format. That way works, but it won’t turn near as well.


thanks everyone :slight_smile:

@zackjo we dont have the robot with us now, sorry :frowning:

It’s cool. Let me send you a pick of my TP bot so you might be able to compare.

The X needs to be on top. If it is on the bottom you will be able to turn the robot without turning the wheels, which you don’t want.


Ah okay I see. Still messes with my head sometimes :laughing:.
Well @Echo_Robotics the first thing I would check is the arrangement of the wheels.

This is exactly what is happening, could you please elaborate on that?

Your wheels are on wrong.