Mechanical Support For The Robot

Recently, Kepler Electronics Released Pipin and explained the support and for the tower of their six bar. Currently I am making a DR4B and similar to 9605a’s robot. Since it is like a Mobile Goal (deploy-er) in ITZ I am trying to put the DR4B on the 4 bar (MoGo deploy-er) but I need a strong way to connect it so it is strong especially when it lifts up.
Is there a way to support the tower on the DR4B so it does not break easily and not fall off in competition?

Make a triangular system.

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what is a DR4B?

Double Reverse Four Bar

ok, do you have any ideas of what is a double reverse 4 bar is?

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yes i have and it is a lift that can go really high and goes in a linear motion so either straight up or straight down which is what I want

do you have any ideas of what is a linear gear lift elevator?

You mean like a cascade lift?

ok here is what i have so far elevator lift is a liear gear lift can u tell me what the elevator lift does?

The Double Reverse four Bar is like the elavator but has more support

can you tell me about scissor lift?

i don’t really know about the scissor lift

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