Mechanism Swap

My team has a 4 bar lift, and we noticed that we have a lot of rubber bands on our lift with a lot of tension. (Thats what we need to dump the stars over). So my question is are we allowed to replicate the lift, because in a competition if it bends or something happens to it we need to replace it, so is it okay to build a back up lift and swap it out at a competition if it bends or something goes wrong on the lift (keeping in mind that the back up lift is a replica of the same lift that was on the bot before something happened to it).

If you could do it in time, then there shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t know the exact section of the rule book, but what you’re doing is legal under subsystems.

Your time might be better spent trying to figure out how to keep your lift from becoming deformed - instead of just replacing it. What if you find out that you need five replacements in order to make it through a tournament?

also, remember to have all subsystems that you intend to use during competition inspected.