Mechanum wheel compatibility with IQ

Do any of you have experience with using these wheels with VEX IQ?


Will those even fit with the IQ shafts?

Umm, that would be why I’m asking if anyone knows if the would fit. They are compatible with Lego and the TT motors. I know that lego does not quite work. I’ve never used the TT motors. It look like that axle may fit with some minor tweaks.

⅛” vex shafts will fit through a LEGO technic axle hole, it’s been a few years since I’ve tried it but I remember the fit being pretty good, a bit more force than normal required to get it on but not a ton, and not much play once it’s on there. Sounds like a fun experiment.

Edit: I tried it, works pretty well:



Thanks, only lego wheels I have are the little ones that are free spinning. The TT shafts are 0.14, the IQ are 0.125 so about 2 hundreds off. I’ll order a pair of rights and lefts and report back.

Thanks for the prompt answer.


These showed up and these wheels are a little different, the have the TT fitings, more like a oval than a square like our 1/8" axles. I was able to find a Lego axle in my collection. I sanded the sides down to make it square (leaving about 3/8 to stick into the wheel).

So now need to wait for me to end Christmas Lockdown (not allowed to buy anything until after Christmas to make sure I don’t just buy a gift for me) to order some Lego Axles to cut down.

I did find a 3D part that would go over the end of a shaft and then into the wheel. The description said it was fiddly to make and it looked like the effort wasn’t worth the result.

For you that have Lego and want to use these wheels note that even though they are labeled “Right and Left” you still need to make an X pattern with them for the wheels to work. So

is how you’ll need to install them.