Mechnam Wheels=slower?

So I’ve heard that because of the way they are configured, mechnam wheels are significantly slower than omnis at driving forward and backward. Can anybody rebuff or verify this?

Mecanum wheels are definitely less energy efficient. While I can’t say I’ve ever done any actual velocity tests, I will say I’ve never seen a mecanum-wheeled robot speed across the field. They also provide a bumpier ride compared to omni-wheels. I would use mecanum wheels only if I had a very specific field motion that absolutely required them, and, even then, I think I would look into using a strafe drive instead of them. So if you get the feeling I don’t like them, you’re right.

Somewhere I thought there was a test showing mecanum wheels being compatible to omni wheels in terms of speed, but I can’t find it.

Here is an old test comparing traction.

and a drive I build a few years ago

Well, okay, if all you’re going to do is drive forward or backward as in a tank drive, then I guess mecanum wheels wouldn’t gobble up energy much more than any other wheel. But if you strafe with them, I think you’ll see what I mean about the energy hog they soon become. They are the coolest thing to watch in action when they strafe but I don’t see the overall advantage.

I have mecanum wheels on my robot, but I don’t like them because they are clunky and slow. I’m not sure exactly how, but mecanum wheels are significantly slower that omni wheels. They do help in my autonomous, however. Whatever works for you.

Here are some interesting links on the topic:

Like any wheel, or any Vex part for that matter, the mecanum wheel has its uses but there are also times when other parts/wheels are a better option.