Medium sized HS axle

Sometimes, I wish they made axles that would lock inside the vex metal. Vex could then also make gear inserts that would fit them, collars and spacers. Just a thought. I’ve ran into multiple situations this year where this could be helpful.

Lock bars.

These are useful, but having an axle that bar locks into the metal could also be useful as then you wouldn’t have to use the weak axles if you want a locked axle. The idea might not be completely reasonable, but it would be nice at times.

My thought is that it they were almost never helpful wouldn’t no one buy them? Then they wouldn’t have them when they wanted them.

so an axle the size of holes in metal? doesnt seem too useful since you can use locking bars

i suggest vex make a high strength locking bar (you could just cut a HS gear to get the same effect), but at that point it would probably be easier to attach something directly with metal instead