Meeting During COVID

Hey all!
As some of you know, I am sure, robotics has been hard this year, with the Global Pandemic going on. So, how are your teams meeting? In person, virtual, somewhere in-between?

I’ll start. At first, we were meeting over Google meet, and I was building the robot at home in my garage. Eventually, we got the go ahead from our school, and they said we could meet in our room there. That made it a lot easier, and we were actually able to have our robot built by Halloween for our first tournament!

My team is just my best friend and I. It makes it easy for him to come over as our family’s are really interconnected.


We originally did virtual meetings, but then my school canceled VEX until in-person activity can resume at a certain level.

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We do meeting inperson. Whenever we meet we wear masks and like practice on the field.

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Because my school is back in person, we are meeting in person during our regular scheduled hours. Some of my teammates are hybrid, but they have been cleared to come in on their online days for robotics.

In the past our club would use Microsoft teams to meet with the online/hybrid students (because the robots were still being built remotely).

When we meet, we make sure to wear masks at all time and proactive social distancing. When we have competed in online tournaments, we staggered the time slots so that we would have enough time to proper sanitize the field/game elements.


i do both

in person ( 20 characters)

Well it is hard to do vertural, discussing with my teamates is very difficult then comming to building the bot one more issue comes in place due to my teammate having the field so we have to go to his house. We can not practice online. Hard thing, You can use virtual meeting when it is about stem project. My advice is DO INPERSON.

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thank you cooldude, very insightful


We have met in person since the beginning of the season . We take certain precautions such as always wearing our masks and keeping work stations separate from each other. It is a bit difficult considering that we have 5 or 6 teams though only up to 4 in a really small classroom. I don’t think any of us have gotten vivid yet though.