Meeting Template for Teams?

Hi all-- Our teams meet with coaches for a weekly check-in (design review, weekly planning). I’d like to give them a little more structure to help the teams learn a little better project management, and also let the students run the meetings more. Anybody have a good meeting template or sample agenda that teams use for checkins or review?

Team management can be a hard thing, even my team, all highschoolers, have some trouble with it.

When you say weekly check-in, does that mean teams build during other times too? And are coaches present?

My best advice would be: firstly make sure the teams have a clear goal and plan. Do they have a design idea, do they have an idea of how long it will take, and weather or not they have enough time before the competition. (Same applies to programming and driving practice and what ever else.) Then during meetings they can delegate tasks to not have everyone working on something that only requires one or two people, and to not have people sit around with nothing to do. Then, it isn’t necessary but I think it is good, to have everyone involved in all the aspects of the robot. For example, it would be nice if everyone knows how the program works.

Obviously in IQ team mentors should be more involved in team management, then EDR teams. Still for both coaches should help, with teaching all the concept and stuff the students want to know. Students shouldn’t be afraid to ask and should listen to advice.

Also I am a high-schooler in Vex ERD, which I feel is relevant to my advice. Hope this helps.


Thanks-- I appreciate your input! The teams do build during other times, with coaches present, and they do a lot of the task delegation and planning, but… I’m a big fan of using structured meeting practices as a way to build that project skill, and in my engineering classes we’ve been able to use a lot of those materials that have come from industry as templates. Just wondered if anyone had ever used anything more robotics-specific.

Get a copy of the design notebook judging guide. There are a few items they want to see documented in the notebook. It’s good to cover them in the meetings.

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