Memory error V5 Brain

Hey everyone, I know that this error is so popular rn but in our case just happen with vex code text programs, I trying to load other programs but VEX coding Studio format and this error don’t happen do you know what is the reason? error 03802010 (I read other solutions to)! IMG-20191109-WA0005

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Ok so here you want to turn off your brain(by holding it down). Now undo the battery. Next turn off controller and then turn your brain back on and controller. Then try, This happen to me it is a simple glitch and easy fix. If you still have a problem feel free to message me. I will glad to help you again,

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We did it! we turn off the brain, the battery and even delette all programs on the brain and upload again and the same error happened :frowning:


Could you post your code? Most likely a code issue.

I found the solution, to error 03802010 don’t put variables, motors or sensors that you don’t need it or that aren’t connected upload your program again and that’s it! :slight_smile:

Well, the memory protection error is caused by something incorrect in your code, the number is sort of irrelevant (it’s the memory address in your code where the problem occurred). It doesn’t really have anything to do with unused variables etc. One common problem is using Brain.ThreeWirePort in different cpp file to where Brain was defined. The mistake is accessing an instance of Brain that may not have been instantiated yet.


Thank you so much!! we appreciate your info. :slight_smile: @jpearman

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