Memory exception error when using Print block via wireless download

When using the Print block while connected to the robot wirelessly (via the controller) and running the debugger, we are getting a “Memory Exception” error on the brain of the robot. The error stops the program. This does not happen when connected directly to the robot via USB. This has happened on a number of robots.

Using Blockly on a SurfacePro from desktop client or Chrome.

I was unable to reproduce that behavior quickly with a simple program. Can you set your project to public and provide a link to help my investigation?

edit: Ah, does it only show up when you pause with the debugger?

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It has happened when stepping through code in the debugger, so yes it would be paused.

And with that, I can say I think I’ve reproduced it as you saw it. I’ll add fixing it to the to-do list.


Thank you. Important for teaching debugging.