Memory permission error, no Google results: 03803904

So I’m making my team’s C++ program for the Spin Up game, and I’m getting

Memory Permission error !

on the brain when I download it. I’m not using any pointers which is something I saw mentioned in other similar topics, and I have modified the robot-config.cpp file. Could that be causing problems? I also have some random number generation, and I’m wondering if maybe a library for that is missing? If you need the code I can upload it but it’s long, so I’ll wait till someone wants to see it.

most of the time this is related to using an instance of a device before it has been created. One description is linked below. Did you declare something using perhaps Brain.ThreeWirePort or an Inertial sensor in main.cpp ?


I have expert mode enabled, so I was able to define everything in robot-config.cpp. No devices were declared in main.cpp.

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zip up the project and send it to me, I’ll take a look.


How do I send it to you?