Mentor vs Teacher

What is the difference between a mentor and a teacher for the worlds awards?

Teachers are paid.

Thank you.

Please don’t take that as an official answer, I have no idea how the RECF officially differentiates the two.

But yes, in general teachers are paid, mentors are not. Or to put it in a less capitalistic way, teachers have a teaching career while mentors are more like volunteers who have a non-teaching career.

I do know of at least one person who is paid to mentor. In this rare situation the last clause still holds true, so it might be the more correct definition.

Hope that helps. -Cody

In a general sense, a teacher simply provides instruction, typically on a specific topic/area of study. The term mentor has a connotation with personalized attention, and providing guidance in multiple areas of life. Essentially, a teacher simply gives you information, while a mentor walks with you and shows you how to use it. (Note that good teachers could also be considered mentors.)

But, the above is just how I’ve seen the terms used in the “real world.” As far as they are used in RECF/VEX, I see that a teacher is someone employed by a school (or possibly a homeschooling parent), while a mentor typically has a career or specific expertise in a field related to robotics.

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Just a plug for all the teachers out there. :slight_smile:

They are being paid for teaching, but there are untold unpaid hours put in for the benefit of the students.

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And also, don’t forget about the sacrifices that they put in as well, e.g. leaving their family back at home to bring the students over for the competition.
No amount of “payment” can make up for that.

But it is sometimes sad to see that many students recognised the importance and contributions by the mentors, but not the teachers.