would any of you two like to be my “mentor” for a VEX robot that I am building in a systems engineering course for my school? I have a very well understanding of the VEX systems, but my teachers say I need a mentor in order to pass. I will probably only have small general questions during this process. So if any of you would commit a few minutes of your time over the next year to be my “mentor” it would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to be my mentor please email me.

thank you

It’s hard to email you when there isn’t an email address given. (or one in your profile :slight_smile:

Put a longer description down about what you are doing and what you see the mentor doing. I’ve spent tens of hours on things that “will only take a few minutes of time”

I’d be happy to help you out, but I need to know a few more details about your project first. What exactly are you planning on building? What kind of support are you looking for?

I’m available too
Even though I am still a student (would that technically qualify?), I never get tired of discussing robotics with people, even giving tips on past experiences
the “Oh! I get it!” moment never cease to amuse me :slight_smile:
shoot me a pm (private message) or email murdomeek@hotmailDOTcom

I am also available as a Professional Mentor. My strengths are Programming and Electrical.

I am not mentoring any teams at this time, but have in the past.