Mentors Needed

I go to a school in Southern California (Irvine), and I’ve just started a robotics club at the school, and it turned out that there’s a lot of interest. There’s like 20-25 kids, we have like $70 in the bank, and have no mentors. If anyone in the area has experience and would be willing to help organize teams, advise the club on fundraising, etc., please PM me.

The club will need about an hour or two of your time per week preferably, but any help or advice you can give would be appreciated, since my school has never had any experience with robotics.

see if you can get an actual school Teacher to sponsor you (time wise)
because starting a 20-25 people team is A LOT of work
and if a teacher DOES sponsor you, they might be able to get some money from the school 1-3k
and you will also need MUCH more money ~5k to start teams with that much people
the first step is always the money :wink: