Merry Christmas everyone!

Everyone have a very blessed Christmas and happy New Year!


Let everyone have a Merry Christmas!

You to PaperTowels!

Have a Merry Christmas, and remember the Reason for the Season!

Everyone let us know if you get anything awesome! MW3 anyone?

I am hoping for an HD/Dual SD Card Video camera, also a MAC!

I don’t have an Xbox, and I don’t know if MW3 goes on Wii… I personaly only like Call Of Duty 3… (I stink at it though :p)

Finish the song:
On the twelfth day of Christmas, IFI gave to me,
twelve motors moving…

11 axles spinning…lol, I like this

Merry Christmas everyone!

more like 11 axles twisting… haha just kidding.

10 wheels a-rolling…
This is fun

9 balls a-bouncing

8 sensors working

already have it been sitting at home playing it all day

7 barrels a rolling

man, jealous…3 more days, just 3 more days…lol

I’ve been on holiday one day and I’ve went up 15 levels in spec ops already
6 lifts a-lifting

Hey papertowels9876
Where are you at In Wisconsin?: most of my relatives live up in the green bay area

I’m about 45 minutes away from Green Bay, but I spend like 25 days a year up there…gotta love the packers

6 gears are breaking

Oh yeah :slight_smile:
I go up there every summer
What town are you in?