From our team to yours…MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone around the globe!

Post where your team is from.


Merry Christmas! Still 11:00 Christmas Eve over here in AZ, but Merry Christmas anyway.

Merry Christmas. Hit midnight just over an hour ago in Ontario.
Stars are multi-purpose.

Now I want to see a VEX metal tree decorated with stars, and with cubes tucked underneath it with care. :slight_smile:

Also, Gilbert, AZ as you can see.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Aww, I should have taken a picture of my teammate’s front room. Bot parts strewn everywhere right next to a tree,

Merry Christmas coming from Maryland. Made 4 different cakes and messed up the basement with robot parts on Christmas Eve. Now I want to top that today.

Merry Christmas from Florida!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays also coming from Maryland. It would be awesome if someone used vex led lights on a robot to make it look kind of like a Christmas tree.

  • Team 5588R

Merry Christmas! - Germany

Even though we celebrate on the 24th…

Merry Christmas from Ohio again!!

Merry Christmas from Washington State!!

Merry Christmas from Arizona again!

80% of my school is Jewish so happy Hanukkah from California.

Merry Christmas from 2158!

Merry christmas from 77 degree Texas. Something doesn’t feel right here.

Merry Christmas from THE RESISTANCE - Santa Clara, California, USA

Bit late, so Happy Boxing Day!

Van Nuys, California


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Also Happy New Year.
-From The Black Knights