Mesh Size

What Is the constraints on the size of mesh that can be on a robot?

No clue man

12 inch by 15 inch is the max size, its what you order on the store, anything you buy outside of vex is going to need to be cut down to at least that size

12’ by 15’ I believe

You can use an unlimited amount of pieces no larger than 12 inches by 15 inches.

For longer continuous pieces, people usually zip tie the standard pieces together.

That said, I’ve seen people compete (even at Worlds) with mesh pieces much larger than the standard sizes and no zip ties holding it together. My guess is the inspectors just figured the larger pieces don’t give any actual advantage. If I were inspecting at a local event, I would pass the team and let them compete. But I would also explain the rule to them, and warn them that higher-level contests might require strict adherence to the mesh size piece limit.