Messages/events are not broadcast?

I have an IQ gen 1 code, but for a while the events that I do are not emitted correctly, does anyone have any idea why?

Additional notes:
-I use the latest version of VEXCODEIQ
-It began to occur from the tenth event
-It was originally a block code, but converted and adapted to C++

Here’s my code btw

Only a small number of events can run simultaneously, looks like you have many events, some of which may be blocking, IQ gen 1 is extremely memory constrained. To be honest, once you migrate from blocks to C++ I would not use events for anything other than controller button presses and the like. event.broadcast() is mostly a blocks programming pattern, for C++ there are often alternative ways to trigger code to run.
occasionally there are reasons to use them, but not as a replacement for just calling a function.