So I remembered the mouseover text from this xkcd comic, which reads:

I was wondering if it was a stupid idea to implement here. We could just have an unofficial “rule” where after so and so words, somebody makes said post and someone else makes it sticky, or we could have a bot run through all the threads and make a globally-editable thread. On the other hand, we’d have to figure out how to implement global editing in the forum software and build said bot …

… forum admins, *start your ENGINES! *

No, seriously, though. I think it’s a great idea and am going to start writing those. Let’s get this done.

This would indeed be funny, but it would not be profitable for VEX, so we will probably never see it. Sadly… :frowning:

The original poster of a thread is given the option to click “this answers my question” for every post. That post is them displayed along with the original question on the top of the thread. This isn’t quite what Randall Monroe says but it’s a good step.

Bottom right corner by my signature.


Ah, ok.

If it’s excessively long or something, though, I’m probably going to do it, but that does fulfill most of the job.