Meta Ring Claw Design?

Oh I thought it was we were going to use, a roller intake is definitely better.

I think the claw should be able to pick up game elements.


Claws might be good for if you’re only going for skills. You would benefit a lot from being able to pick up the mobile goal and having a lift put it up on the platforms quickly.

The claw design looks nice, but honestly it is far from extreme competitiveness in this season. If you want to make sure to do well at states, you need to think ahead of merely plucking rings. You need to figure out a way to sweep up multiple rings and mechanically arrange them in a manner that can be scored. Otherwise, you are wasting loads of time trying to pluck a ring one-by-one.

Cool design, but maybe not for this season.

Considering VEX Worlds and how I’ve been seeing skills events at worlds, the design would not reach even close to world records. If students want to achieve high competitiveness, what I said earlier (sweeping up multiple rings) must not only be expressed but be consistent and repeatable as well. Most scoring designs in the matches are equally competitive in skills when it comes to VEX EDR Competitions (with very tiny exceptions, of course).


agreed. really the only viable use for a one-by one ring intake is if you don’t plan on fielding. using only the preloads and match loads for a goal-centered robot might be not bad since it doesn’t use any motors and is compact and simple.

But for the best versatile robots, I think a roller based intake is a must.