Metal axle sizes

Out VEX IQ robot is making use of metal axles. The kit we were given by our school has axles of varying sizes which helps out a great deal when trying to keep things from sticking out the sides. However, I’ve heard that the rules prohibit modifying the VEX parts in any way. I suddenly have this concern that someone in the past has cut the metal axles to the different sizes and that we may be in violation of the rules. Is shortening an axle against the rules? If so, can you tell me what the “regulation” sizes of the axles would be?

Hi RaisingHails,

I can’t speak for the legality of modifying axles for use in the VEX IQ Challenge or using axles that have been modified to another existing size. This question would be better asked in the Official Q&A.

The various shaft lengths can be found by searching for the various Shaft Packs on the products page of the VEX IQ website. Each Pitch equals 0.5in or 12.7mm, so a 4x Pitch Shaft will be approximately 2in long. If you are still concerned that someone has modified the shafts, you can always check the ends of axles for signs of cutting such as sharp edges, burrs, or tool marks.

Hope this helps! Best regards,