Metal designed for the New HS shafts

I want to know if designing C-channels around the high strength shafts would make sense?. you could have certain Holes on the metal that are designed for the shaft to go threw it like a normal shaft, but then have standard holes for mounting, attaching, etc. with other standard parts. Any more ideas do you fellas have or am I wrong here? IMO this would make HS shafts a much more viable option.

I don’t really like the idea. I don’t want to have to “work around” 1/4 inch holes when trying to use the regular shafts. I would say that if you need a larger hole…then just drill a hole. It only takes 5 seconds to drill a hole. By putting larger holes in the metal it will affect the use of the regular shafts.

what about about making mini C-channels that are standard 5 holes long, which would make them compatible with the those C-channel connectors, and then have the HS holes in the middle. I am just throwing ideas out.

You mean like the online design challenge winner designed in their CAD challenge entry? They designed a whole suite of parts augmented for the HS shafts.

HS shafts are only going to have very few applications, and I feel like its going to be a while after this game before some teams really need them again. Having said that they are not a necessity, but can be useful and make building easier in very rare cases.
Also because of the their limited usefulness, redesigning/making brand new metal to fit with it may not even be commercially viable for VEX.
Drilling a few holes in metal is really all you need.

I’ve already seen some really interesting uses for the HS shafts you will be surprised to see.

The HS shaft seems like a great counter weight or strengthening agent to me. No more boxes of bolts, or layers of flat metal to be counter weights. Seems like the most dense weight besides the battery available in Vex. More to come on these later.

This is the normal use. I think we will have some lift element in years to come. You get a nicer center of inertial mass on a sweeping arm versus the 1/8" shaft. Here are two lift arms benefiting from the HS shafts in 80N Nightcrawler and 80V Vulcan this year. No more drill bit looking shafts!

Team 80N Nightcrawler stabilization using HS bars

80V motor easy on and off