Metal gears and lead screws?

I would like to see metal gears and lead screws.

Why lead screws?


i dont think they would be allowed to use lead in order to RoHS compliant, and yes why would you want lead screws?

metal gears sound nice though :smiley:

He means lead as in “You can lead a horse to water…”, not lead as in the soft heavy metal.

A leadscrew is a long threaded shaft that when turned by a motor, pushes a nut along a straight line path.

I will point out that a standard square Vex shaft can be threaded with an 8-32 die. One of the small beams can then be used as a nut to create a linear actuator. It works very well, although the 32 thread/inch pitch makes the nut move pretty slowly when directly driven by a vex motor.

A metal 12 tooth gear would be a great start, since these are the weakest link in a gear reduction chain. Why would you like one?

For what type of linear actuator would you use a lead screw?
What type of specs would you want? 12" long x 1/4" x 10 tpi?
Acme threads rather than machine screw threads?
How would you attach it to a motor shaft? 1/8" tapered end, or adapter?
You’d need a nut-rider piece as well, what would that look like?

this is why:

Lead (Yes, as in a leading a horse!) screws and metal gear would be great! I was surprised when I got my chain and sprocket kit that the gears weren’t metal!

dang… how did those break?
mustve been a hella lot of force

I believe they were cut on purpose.

i dont think so, i remember them trying to replace the gears, they were in the process of replacing them when i took the picture in the pit are


I have no idea what sort of forces would result in a failure of that type. Those gears would fail in several other ways, LONG before they did what you show.

I’m willing to bet those were cut on purpose.

Metal gears would be very cool, i was thinking about making a vex winch but the gears would fail under a lot of stress.

My goal would be to lift a 50lb weight off the floor in under a minute or two but the gears might not be able to take the beating.

Those gears are so clean that it looks like they were cut to me also. But metal gears would probably be one of the beset additions to fix I can think of that is hardware based. :smiley:

ask user ‘sunny’ he’s the team captain of team 736, they made a winch with no gears