Metal Painting/Anodizing for Competition

Two part question here,

  1. Does your team ever paint/anodize the aluminum structure parts
  2. How have you done this/what works well for you, and what is your personal favorite color/supplier?

I want to make my orgs robots have what the youth call ‘drip’.

(Edit: I have seen previous threads but most are about having a professional do it)

I would defiantly agree with how you mentioned previous threads with having professionals do anodizing. I haven’t done any anodizing of vex parts but I looked into it a few months ago and the steps it would take to do it yourself is high and time consuming.

For painting its another topic, we painted some aluminium a few years back and to this day it’s still working well (we use it as a business card holder). How I paint any type of metal at least, is with a Rust-Oleum spray paint on a surface that was scuffed up with Scotch Brite,

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Yeah, I’ve taught chemical work in the past so it wouldn’t be too new for me but apparently acid is “not safe to touch”.

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Yes my robot is pink : ) Originally i wanted the entire robot pink but i think i like having pink accents better, so standoffs rubber bands and other random little parts are pink, you can see my robot on instagram if you want (@/36830k). I simply spray painted the metal and sealed it with a mod podge spray. The plastic parts- gears, wheels, sprockets- we dyed black since we obviously cant dye them a lighter color lol.

oh- i used krylon fusion spray paint and ritdye for synthetics.