Metal Towers

After an image was posted on the Tower Takeover memes discussion Tower Takeover Memes, @Pea made a post simply titled “Tall pole”. It was a picture of a roughly 5’8” post in a tower takeover tower, the post was from the turning point net. No matter what the height, it started a sudden surge in the topic.

Should the towers be made of metal?

Besides the money it would take vex to produce them, and the cost of them to the consumer, should they change it?
I personally think we should stick with the current material. People are saying that robots already run into each other so it would be fine, but to me the difference is that you can push other robots which means they absorb the shock. However, a metal tower would be grounded to the field, and some wrong turns I believe could ruin a tournament for some teams. The current towers aren’t nearly as flimsy as what people say. I’m sure that after the flag’s performance from turning point, wear and tear shouldn’t be an issue.
What do you think?


Quite often, Vex doesn’t change game elements during the game season. Perhaps that’s something Vex can do for a future season, most people already have their field element kits. metal towers would be heavy, and may be prone to bending, when heavy robot push against them. From what I know PVC quite often doesn’t bend.


They do, however, make modifications to the field. At worlds, standoffs were put in front of flags when shooters got so strong, the flags were pushed out of place. I do agree that metal poles would be heavy for transport, but I do think there will be some type of modification to the field.


But would they be standard? If such a modication were to take place, would teams be notified? And if the parts were custom, would there be such ways to purchase the parts?

I’m not opting to replace all the pipes that the teams already have, I’m just asking which is better, particularly for future games “like” this one.

In the case of TP, the GDC released a new game manual before worlds stating what would be different about the field at worlds.

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why, the plastic pipes are fine tbh. the center tower can be a bit wobbly, but I don´t see it breaking.

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It’s better if it wobbles, thing that wobble are usually less likely to break. An example would be airplane wings. Some airplane wings can bend 90 degrees. Metal towers, in my opinion, would very likely not be more stable, since as I previously mentioned, they are probably more likely to bend.